The present disclosure provides a system for picking objects from an area of interest, said system includes: a processing unit configured to: receive one or more first images of an area of interest; detect one or more objects to be picked up from the area of interest based on processing of the received one or more first images; and determine location of the one or more objects in the area of interest using a global positioning system (GPS); an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operatively coupled to the processing unit, said UAV comprising: a navigation unit configured to determine a path for the UAV from a current location of the UAV to the determined location of the one or more objects, wherein the current location of the UAV is obtained from a GPS module operatively coupled to the UAV; and a visual unitconfigured to capture a plurality of second images at the area of interest, from one or more sensors operatively coupled to it, when the UAV reaches said area of interest, wherein said visuals unit detects the presence of the one or more object at the area of interest based on the processing of the plurality of captured second images, and wherein the UAV deploys a pick-up means to pick up the one or more objects.


Sheifali Gupta, Rupesh Gupta, Param Gupta, Udit Jindal

Patent File Number - 201911010042        Patent File Date - 14/03/2019