A System And Apparatus for Augmented Reality Based Education

The present disclosure provides a system and apparatus for augmented reality (AR) enabled education comprising a mobile computing device such as a mobile phone mounted on to a table. The mobile device is configured to scan a two-dimensional representation of a character of a language and, using an augmented reality module, convert it to a three-dimensional representation to be displayed on the screen of the mobile device. The mobile device is configured to receive input to visually manipulate the character displayed on the screen. One or more characters can be scanned and the three-dimensional representations can be manipulated to form words and sentences which can be validated. Further, pronunciations for the characters, words and sentences are also provided.


Neha Tuli, Shivam Sharma, Archana Mantri, Narinder Pal Singh

Patent File Number - 201911022811        Patent File Date - 08/06/2019