The present disclosure provides a snake trapping apparatus, the apparatus comprising: a pipe having a lid pivotally coupled at an open end, the lid moves between an open and a closed position with assistance of a rotary device for opening and closing of the open end; a container coupled with the pipe at other end of the pipe; an artificial mouse disposed inside the container, the mouse comprises a heating element for heating the mouse; and a set ofsensors operatively coupled to the rotary device; a control unit operatively coupled to the set of sensors to actuate the rotary device based on received signals from the set of sensors to enable opening and closing of the open end of the pipe; wherein the heated and vibrating mouse entices a snake in the proximity of the apparatus to catch the mouse by entering the pipe, and wherein the set of sensors is configured to detect presence of the snake into the pipeand send a signal to the controller based on positive detection of the presence of the snake to move the lid from the open position to close position for trapping the snake.


Sachin Ahuja, Huma Naz, Surya Narayan Panda, Nancy Masih

Patent File Number - 201911007999        Patent File Date - 28/02/2019