A Service Requesting Device And Method Thereof

The present disclosure relates to a service requesting device associated with a vehicle and a method thereof. The device includes: a set of sensors to sense a real-time location of the vehicle; and a control unit operatively coupled with the set of sensors, the control unit comprising a processor coupled to a memory storing instructions executable by the processor
to: receive a set of data packets pertaining to a request for a service from a computing device associated with a user, wherein the request comprises a first set of attributes such at least a second set of attributes selected from the first set of attributes pertains to location of the requested service; and responsive to the requested service, display on the computing device, one or more vendor entities and associated location of each of the one or more vendor entities
within a distance determined by comparing the second set of attributes with the sensed location of the vehicle.


Surya Narayan Panda, Sarvesh Tanwar, Sachin Ahuja, Sumit Badotra, Deepika Sharma, Jatin Singla

Patent File Number - 201911043389        Patent File Date - 24/10/2019