The present disclosure provides a mouse trap. The disclosed mouse trap can include: a housing configured with an opening to ingress a mouse in said housing, wherein said housing having a gate to restrict egress of said mouse; a transport means coupled with said housing for moving said housing from one position to other; a set of sensors coupled with said housing, wherein said set of sensors configured to detect presence of said mouse in the housing, and generate a first signal based on said detected mouse; and a first rotary device adapted to enable opening and closing of said gate, wherein egress of said mouse is restricted based on said closed gate, wherein said transport means enable transporting of said mouse to a location where said mouse is egressed with an avoidance to touch said housing.


Nitin Saluja, Kartik Vij, Rahul Kinra, Rouble Gupta, Chanpreet Singh

Patent File Number - 201811047766        Patent File Date - 17/12/2018