The present disclosure pertains to a marking device for E presentations. The deviceincludes a set of input units configured to detect one or more operations associated with a user,and correspondingly generate a first set of signals. A control unit operatively coupled with theset of input units, and configured to extract a second set of signals from the first set of signals,where the second set of signals pertain to selection of one or more modes. A set of output units operatively coupled with the control unit, where at least one output unit from the set ofoutput units is configured to operate in at least one mode among the selected one or moremodes based on the extracted second set of signals. The device includes at least one input unitwhich is detachable. The device is portable and multifunctional.


Puneet Bawa, Virender Kadyan, Sachin Ahuja, Pranav Garg

Patent File Number - 202011020278        Patent File Date - 14/05/2020