The present disclosure provides a load lifting exercise apparatus. The apparatus include a handle for holding during load lifting exercise. An input shaft having one or more first pulleys coupled to the handle for rotating the input shaft as the handle is lowered or raised. An intermediate shaft having a first set of gears configured for selective engagement with the input shaft. An output shaft having a second set of gears configured for selective engagement with the intermediate shaft, and one or more second pulleys coupled to one or more loads to be lifted. The first set of gears and the second set of gears are configured for engagement with the input shaft and the intermediate shaft respectively in a plurality of configurations, each configuration providing a different gear ratio between the intermediate shaft and the output shaft, and wherein effort required to raise or lower the handle is changed by changing the engagement configuration of the second set of gears with the intermediate shaft.


Jasdev Bhatti, Bhavneet Singh Gujral, Amitoj Singh Sethi, Gaurav Walia, Guneet Singh Chawla

Patent File Number - 201811029019        Patent File Date - 02/08/2018