The present disclosure provides a load lifting apparatus. The disclosed apparatus can comprise: a gripper for holding an object to be lifted; a set of sensors coupled with the gripper to sense weight of the object; a control unit operatively coupled with the set of sensors, the control unit is adapted to compare the sensed weight of the object with a predefined weight, wherein based on the comparison if the sensed weight of the object is less than or equal to the pre-defined weight, the control unit generates a first signal, a rotary device operatively coupled with said control unit, said rotary device gets actuated based on said generated first signal, wherein actuation of the rotary device enables movement of said gripper between a first position and a second position to facilitate lifting of the object between the first position and the second position.


Deepanshu Bhardwaj, Virender Kadyan, Simranpreet Singh Thukral, Atimuqt Dogra

Patent File Number - 201711045103        Patent File Date - 15/12/2017