The present disclosure provides a driving test simulation apparatus. The disclosed apparatus comprises: a Virtual Reality (VR) headset having a processor that is operatively coupled with a memory, said memory storing computer-implemented instructions which when executed by said processor enables a user that is wearing the VR headset to undertake simulation of a driving test; a 3D-printing based steering wheel operatively coupled with said VR headset, said steering wheel being used by said user to manoeuvre driving route that forms part of the driving test; and at least two 3D-printing based pedals operatively coupled with said VR headset and said steering wheel, said pedals being used by said user to control acceleration or braking during driving along said route.


Shivam Sharma, Neha Tuli, Narinder Pal Singh, Archana Mantri

Patent File Number - 201911001972        Patent File Date - 16/01/2019