The present disclosure provides a weather forecast generating device and further provides system and method for generating weather forecast. The disclosed system includes a processor coupled with a memory, the memory storing instructions executable by the processor to: receive a signal from a weather forecast device (WFD), wherein said signal comprises one or more attributes, and wherein said signal is broadcasted using an active channel; extract signal strength from said received signal; compare said extracted signal strength with a pre-defined signal strength stored in a first database, wherein based on the comparison, distortion in said received signal is determined, and wherein based on said determined distortion weather forecast is generated; and store said generated weather forecast on forecast on any or a combination of the server, the first database and a second database.


Nitin Saluja, Kartik Vij, Rahul Kinra, Rouble Gupta

Patent File Number - 201811048842        Patent File Date - 24/12/2018