National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) Chair for Centre of Excellence in Therapeutic Foods & Nutraceuticals

Scope and Purpose: The Centre aims to work in collaboration with NABI on development of preventive and therapeutic foods and neutraceuticals based on phytochemical constituents, herbal and other natural materials, products and derivatives. Studies on Disease mechanisms have established the role of micronutrients and cellular constituents, which affect the response of Tissue systems and affect physiological processes causing pathophysiological modifications and disease manifestations.

Objectives of the CoE

Industrial scale Developments

  • Formulation development studies for preventive foods (All categories)
  • Large scale process validation
  • Patenting and commercialization
  • Standardization of nutritional value of products by preclinical and clinical study and coordination.

Research and projects for PhD thesis in above areas: The Centre offers scope for inter institutional PhD works and collaborations
Infrastructure and Instrument Facilities

  • Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG): To produce uniform granular compositions of different mesh sizes.
  • Fluidized Bed drier (FBD): To ensure uniform drying of powders, mixes, granules upto predefined moisture content.
  • Wooster coater and spray Drier: To produce uniform spray coated granules for producing palatable, presentable, patient compliant and therapeutic granules.
  • Double Cone Blenders and Ball mills
  • Stability Chamber
  • Tray Drier
  • Dissolution apparatus
  • Extruder
  • Kalweka all purpose machine

Organization: The Centre, under the patronage of Chancellor/Pro Chancellor Chitkara University, is excuted by a Chair & Co Chair from Chitkara University Punjab & National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali, an Asstt Chair and Associate Heads.

Patron: Chancellor/Pro Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab

Chair: Director, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, Mohali

Co Chair: Dr Sandeep Arora, Professor & Dean, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab

Associate Heads:
Dr Rakesh kumar Sindhu: Associate Professor, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab
Dr Sukhbir Singh: Associate Professor, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab

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