Liquid Crystal Nano Physics Research Laboratory

We are primarily interested in the physics of soft condensed matter. Research at the LCNPRL addresses the multidisciplinary topics associated with the science and technology of liquid crystals and related self-organized materials and devices. Our recent research mainly focuses on:

  • Application of liquid crystal (LC) and functional polymers for display purposes
  • Invention of new and high-performance LC display devices
  • Application and control of nano particles and nanorods for LC display applications
  • Design, development and characterization of polymer dispersed LC (PDLC), dichroic PDLC and Cholesteric LC for flexible display devices and LC light shutters
  • Self assembly of colloids, surface morphology, interaction of LC with nano materials (eg., fluorescent, Silica, TiO2, ZnO and polymeric) and interaction of colloids nano particles at Solid –Liquid interface
  • Synthesis and characterization of nano materials for advanced application