Unravelling the role of solid lipid nanoparticles in drug delivery: Journey from laboratory to clinical trial

Journal Name    Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
Year of Publication    2023
Authors Name    Harish V., Mohd S., Tewari D., Pandey N.K., Vishwas S., Babu M.R., Salkini M.A., Rehman Z.U., Alotaibi J.T., Alotaibi R.F., Alrashed F.A., Prasher P., Sharma N., Gupta G., Jakhmola V., Singh Y., Pinto T.D.J.A., Paudel K.R., Mittal N., Singh T.G., Arora P., Dua K., Singh S.K.
School/College    Chitkara College of Pharmacy