Mobile Theft Alarm System

Broad domain – Electronics and Computer Science Engineering

Focused domain – Arduino Board Programming, Raspberry Pi, FPGA, Networking

The present invention discloses a mobile phone which always remains traceable as it cannot be switched OFF by an unauthorized user. The same is achieved using a fingerprint sensor and a fingerprint scanner fixed in the power button itself and the moment when a phone is stolen and if it is already put in the theft alarm mode, the device starts comparing the fingerprints. In the case of mismatch in the fingerprint, the phone goes into sleep mode, where the content(s) /contact(s) are not shown to anybody else and the phone will send all contact details to a centralized server(s)/ alternate phone(s). Also, the burglar cannot switch OFF/ON the mobile, the location details will be sent to the nearest police station without the burglar’s knowledge. If the device is not found in the stipulated time then all content(s)/contact(s) are deleted automatically making backup available on the server. The mobile service provider(s) can be requested to give a dedicated server to store data in case of stolen mobile devices.

No. of intern positions available in the project – 2.

Principal Investigator:

Dr K.R. Ramkumar

Funding- Internal        Project Start Date - 01/11/2017