Investigations Aimed At Producing Diamond Like Carbon Films With Extremely Low Values Of Stress And Broad Range Of Dielectric Constant

Diamond Like carbon films boasts of a wide variety of properties like high hardness, high Young’s modulus, high smoothness and bio compatibility etc. Owing to a large spectrum of properties in different directions, DLC films have found applications in fields like tribology, ophthalmic glasses, prosthetic joints and also in microelectronics.
Mentioned project centred around design and development of a DC based Saddle field Fast Atom Beam (FAB) source system and then using it for deposition of DLC films on silicon substrates with a broad range of dielectric constants and extremely low values of stress.
As an outcome of the project, DLC films could be deposited with dielectric constants varying from 1.6 to 3.1 with controlled values of stress.

Internships closed for this project.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Rajnish Sharma

Funding- External        Project Start Date - 01/04/2015