Development Of 3D Models For AR/VR Applications And Augmented Digital /Analog Electronics Laboratory

3D modelling is the process of digitally representing the 3D surface of an object. However, the model is usually rendered to be displayed as a 2D image on a computer screen. There are different methods of 3D model construction and of accessing them. For augmented and virtual applications, we are designing 3D models using 3D Max, 3D Maya, Catia and blender. Models developed till now are bread board, IC, Register, capacitor, CRO, Function generator which is to be used in Augmented Digital/Analog Electronics laboratory to improve the aids used for teaching as AR has a wide range of applications in the field of entertainment, medical, military, training and education. In the education sector, AR provides great learning and interactive experience to the student by providing additional virtual information along with the real environment.


Principal Investigator:

Ms. Bhanu Sharma Research Scholar
CURIN, Chitkara University

Funding- Internal        Project Start Date - 20/07/2016