Data Analysis and Predictive Modelling

Broad domain –Computer Vision
Focused domain –Machine Learning

The predictive analysis using the machine learning has been incorporated to meet the requirements of growing era of machine learning and automation among the IT industry. In the coming projects, the work will be carried out towards the process automation, pattern recognition, data lineage, etc using the intelligent machine learning mechanisms. The main motive behind the consideration upon the research and innovation in the IT industry automation is to meet the standards and regulations for the implementation of the real-time projects. The projects would be carried forward with the enrollment in a competition held by “KAGGLE”, which is a popular for offering the competitions in the field of predictive modelling and related stuff for analysts, researchers, statisticians and data miners to meet up the new challenges of the industry. Various real time data sets are offered with the well-defined problems, mostly with prizes on the stake, undergo the KAGGLE data science competitive space. The enrollment for the competitions in predictive modelling and industrial automation (IT) on KAGGLE is most likely for the following competitions:
1. Passenger Screening Algorithm Challenge
2. Zillow Price: Zillow’s Home Value Prediction (Zestimate)
3. Draper Satellite Image Chronology
4. CIFAR-10
5. Depth Generation – Lightfield Imaging

The enrollment of the students can be considered for the various roles with different responsibilities during the development of the model according to the life cycle of development of the projects. The following roles can be offered to the students during the project’s life cycle:
1. Literature study assistance
2. Programmers (Python, R, Scala, etc)
3. Data Visualization
4. Data preparation
5. Data analysis & report generation
6. Model’s performance evaluation
7. Segmental Analysis approach (Report generation and data integration/segmentation)
8. Reporting, Documentation and Packaging

No. of intern positions available: 02

Principal Investigator:

Dr Sheifali Gupta

Funding- External        Project Start Date - 01/11/2017