Cyber technology communication for women safety

In India, IT Act 2000 has been established to combat the challenges of cyber crime which has become a global phenomenon. It must be well understood that victimization of women is on the higher side in comparison to men. There are several issues related to cyber crime against women which need to be thoroughly understood as it may have great impact on the security of women.

Even with the increase in the number of enrollment of women for higher education the women in India are still not open minded and shy in reporting crimes against them.  The threat of cyber abuses and cyber crimes is more dreadful because of the modus operandi of committing cyber crimes. It is not easy to understand the intention of the culprit. They can escape comfortably and can use different websites therefore to identify the existent of the culprit is more difficult in the case of cyber crimes.

There are various methods of providing cyber security to women in particular and society in general. But it can be possible through two ways. One woman needs to report all cyber crimes against them so that the types of threats can be understood clearly and second, the law needs to give proper security measures to women against cyber crimes.

Therefore the proposed research project is destined to achieve these twin objectives. One is to make women more aware regarding all possible cyber abuses and cyber crimes and informing them to use cyber security measures to keep the privacy of their information. Second is to suggest various improvement in IT Act 2000 to make it stronger and ensure victimized women that strong actions will be taken against the offender.


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Renuka Gupta, Dr. Kiran Mehta, Dr. K.S. Bath

Funding- External        Project Start Date - 01/04/2016