Autofisker: A smart vehicle for precise farming

Broad domain – Automobile Engineering, Power management, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Processor implementations, Machine Intelligence/Learning, Rural business, rural community sales and marketing, 3-D vision processing

Focused domain – Image Processing and Farm mechanization

Autofisker is a clean energy driven vehicle for traversing the farm without disturbing the crops. The vehicle is autonomous and offers multiple farm mechanization activities like zero tillage and crop planting. Further, the expansion is envisaged towards RF solution to crop protection problems. The top down camera allow the creation of logs for real time conditions of the farm.

No. of intern positions available in the project – 02 (Engineering), 01 (Sales and Marketing), 01 (Logistics)

Principal Investigator:

Dr Nitin Saluja

Funding- External        Project Start Date - 01/11/2017