July- December 2017



Dr. Archana Ma’am at AP 31 July 2 Aug. 2017


Dr. Archana Mantri Ma’am at Indo 21-22 July, 2017


Evolving Blending Learnin 10-13 July 2017


Expert Talk By Mr. Sangram


August 2017

19 Aug. 2017


Visit of CEO Vajrasoft, USA on 1 Aug. 2017


Visit of Mr. Pawan Kumar on 5 Aug. 2017


September 2017

Expert Talk by Dr. Archana Mam at CU Punjab


Invited talk by Dr. Gaurav Gupta, MeitY on 29 Sept


Invited Talk by Dr., Archana Maam at CU Punjab


Invited Talk by Mr. Sushil Chandra, DRDO on 28th


October 2017

Attended conference by Dr. Archana Maa’m at Hyderabad


Coffee party and pic session on 14 Oct. 2017


Lecture 2 delivered at KUK on 26 Oct. 2017 by Dr. Panda


Visit of Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Jutta 13 Oct. 2017


Workshop on Authoring a Book on 13 Oct. 2017


I-CAN 27-28


November 2017

SHARE Visit of Dr. Rajeev Sharma on 18 Nov. 2017


December 2017

Dr. Pandas visit to Thailand


EPIC 18-19 Dec. and EPICS 19-20 Dec


Expert Talk by Dr. Vilas Mujumdra on 16 Dec


SHARE on Dec. 2017 Morning and Evening session