Doctoral Program Program Structure

Regular and External PhD programs

The Doctor of Philosophy curriculum includes compulsory course work, preparing research proposal and objectives, research work and progress, pre thesis and thesis defense.

The course work is composed of four components, namely, Research methodology, Advanced Research methodology, Doctoral Foundation Seminar and Doctoral Concentration Seminar. After successful completion of coursework, the research scholar works in close coordination and under strict supervision of his / her research guide and prepares the research proposal and identifies the objectives of the research work. Progress of the research work is reviewed every six months and finally the scholar submits his thesis and defends it. The Doctoral Research Committee (DRC) closely mentors and monitors this whole process.


Phase Sub components Outcome
Course Work Research Methodology Enabling scholars to purse research in a methodical manner
Advanced Research Methodology Enabling scholars to know about tools and technologies to process their data
Doctoral Foundation Seminar Enabling and equipping scholars with required tools and technologies in their broad discipline area
Doctoral Concentration Seminar a) Motivation to Research, b) identification of base paper(s), c) State-of-art, d) Identification of research gaps, e) Identification of Tools/ technologies for conducting proposed research
Submission of Research Proposal Extensive literature review / patent data bases, research proposal submitted to Dean (DRC) in prescribed format
Progress Seminar – I Progress on identified research objectives
Progress Seminar – II Progress on identified research objectives
Progress Seminar – III Progress on identified research objectives
Pre Thesis Seminar Achievement of all objectives, Thesis ready in final shape, Research paper(s) communicated to Conferences / Journals
Thesis Submission and defense Eligibility for award of PhD degree


Direct PhD program

The students are admitted to the program and simultaneously hired on the role of research / teaching associates and are paid performance linked fellowship (stipend). After two years of successful coursework, the students can apply for direct entry into the PhD program or can apply for an exit option. Based on the aptitude test, the selected candidates take direct admission into the PhD program. The students who opted for exit mode or are not eligible for PhD program, continue to work through the third year to complete their ME program.