Doctoral Program in Mechanical Engineering

The objective of a doctoral program is for the student to develop analytical, experimental and/or computational abilities in order to work and conduct independent research in the field of mechanical engineering.
The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Mechanical Engineering is the highest degree awarded by the Mechanical Engineering Department and is recommended for students who are interested in leadership careers in academia (e.g. as a faculty member of a university), industry, or government.

PhD research at Chitkara University involves active, student-directed inquiry into an engineering topic. A student’s research experience forms the core of the PhD program. There are two goals for conducting research:

  • To learn the general skills to conduct independent research and
  • To develop new knowledge in mechanical engineering.

Conducting research requires combining knowledge gained in the classroom with the ability to read the scientific literature, identify critical knowledge gaps, structure complex problems, formulate and test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data, and present and discuss technical results. Engineering research also requires significant experimental, computational, and analytical skills. A student learns these core skills as he/she pursues his/her research topic.

Many of these skills cannot be learned in the classroom sitting, but instead must be developed in the laboratory, library, and conference room as the student actively interacts with faulty, other students, and researchers around the world. Independent, non-classroom based learning and problem solving is a core aspect of the PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at Chitkara University. Upon completion of his/her dissertation the student should be an expert in one of specialized subjects of Mechanical Engineering and shall contribute to discover innovative solutions for the problems of organizations, communities and society.