Doctoral Program Academic Framework

Deliverable – 1 | Submission of Application form
Deliverable – 2 | Acceptance by Chitkara University

After acceptance of the form, the admission process will be as follows

  • Written test
  • Personal Interview

The syllabus of written test will be communicated to you on e-mail.

Deliverable – 3 | Selection for Doctoral program

Once you are selected for the PhD Program at Chitkara University, you would need to deposit a fee of 50000/- towards registration and commencement of your course.

Deliverable – 4 | Course work

Every candidate should complete four courses before working on Doctoral Dissertation. Every course is held twice in a year and on the weekends. Course work dates for the year are announced ahead of schedule so that one can plan well in advance. Each course will normally be for four days duration including the weekends.

Deliverable 4(a) | Research Methodology
Deliverable 4(b) | Advanced Research Methodology
Deliverable 4(c) | Doctoral Foundation Seminar
Deliverable 4(d) | Doctoral Concentration Seminar
Deliverable – 5 | Finalization of Research Proposal and Approval

This commences immediately after a candidate successfully completes the course work (i.e. Deliverable 4). A suitable research supervisor is allotted and the following process is followed for smooth research work:

  • Extensive review of literature under guidance of the research supervisor
  • Selection of a topic and alternative topic
  • Preparation of research proposal
  • Presentation research proposal to the Doctoral Research Committee (DRC)
  • Approval of proposal and commencement of research
Deliverable – 6 |Progress Review Seminars

The candidate approaches the guide for a suitable schedule after the deliverable 5. A minimum of three progress seminars are held to assess the progress of the candidate in his/her chosen research area.

Deliverable -7 | Publishing Tutorials

Each doctoral candidate is expected to publish a minimum of one research article in a domain specific journal during the entire research period. Progress seminars and the mentoring by DRC are useful to prepare such articles.

Deliverable -8
Deliverable 8(a) | Final Thesis Submission
Deliverable 8(b) | Defense of Thesis
Deliverable 8(c) | Award of degree and convocation at the campus