AMULYA HERBS & CLINSYNC Chair for CoE in Preclinical & Clinical Studies

Scope: The chair works on identifying Development projects involving preclinical and clinical safety, efficacy studies on proposed Drug, Drug products and Phytopharmaceuticals. The preclinical studies are done at the CCP Animal House Facility (CPCSEA approved) and clinical and observational studies are done by Clinsync CRO Hyderabad with an approved CRO registration and approved site for carrying out and managing these studies.

I: The Centre plans to provide services for the Chair and other sponsors for
1 Preclinical safety & efficacy studies
2. Clinical study coordination for products which have proved preclinical safety and efficacy
II: Research and projects for PhD thesis in above areas: The Centre offers scope for inter-institutional PhD works and collaborations

Major Equipments
  • Rota Rod apparatus
  • Photoactometer
  • Electroconvulsiometer
  • Gel Doc system
  • Biopack instrument
  • Autoanalyser
  • Pole climbing apparatus
  • Elisa Reader
  • Approved clinical site

Organisation: The Centre, under the patronage of Chancellor/Pro Chancellor Chitkara University, is executed by a Chair & Co Chair from Chitkara University, Amulya Herbs, Panchkula & Clinsync CRO, Hyderabad, an Asstt Chair and Associate Heads.

Patron: Chancellor/Pro Chancellor, Chitkara University, Punjab.

Chair: Sh Manish Marwaha, MD, Amulya Herbs, Panchkula

Co Chair: Dr Sandeep Arora, Professor & Dean, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab.

Co Chair: Dr Suresh Atilli, Dir, Clinsync CRO, Hyderabad.

Associate Chair: Dr. Thakur Gurjeet Singh, Assistant Dean & HOD, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab

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