Dr Sandeep Arora
Professor and Director (CCP)


Expert Areas : Phytochemistry, Drug Development, Preclinical and clinical evaluation, Pharma regulations

Dr Sandeep Arora, PhD Pharma Sciences, PG Dip HRM, PG Dip Pharma Project management carries a professional experience spanning 27years, with initial 4 years as Executive in Pharma Operations and QA in multinational Pharma Companies including Glaxo I Ltd, Nasik, India, Blue cross Labs Ltd, and 23 years in Pharma Academics/training and research. His area of Pharmaceutical research has been centered around Phytopharmaceuticals, Drug discovery, development, Pharmaceutical regulations, Industrial Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical management. He has 90 publications to his credit, with an h-index of 9, authored three books

“Pharmaceuticals – Issues for Industrial Management”

“Leadership…over the years, Society and nations…between the ears!!”

“Metastatic Diseases: Novel Approaches to Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management”

He has 14 patents filed around the above cited research areas, has registered 4 Trademarks and a Company ARROWSANDS Group and has been the honorary editor of “Advance Drug Review”, ADR—a quarterly drug Pharmacology review index—since 2005, is Editorial Board member of International Journal of Inflammation, UK, Editor, Journal of Pharma Technology, Research and management, JPTRM, CU. He has been appointed as an Auditor (Pharma) for AQA, New Zealand. He has guided 7 Ph.D. thesis (currently guiding 10 PhD students),  25 M. Pharm. Students. He has been involved in 2 product launches at international level. He has convened 11 National/international conferences as Chairman, was Co Convener, 69th Indian Pharma Congress-IPC, 2017, and is a regular expert speaker at OMICS, US and ASSOCHAM India conferences, Pfizer-IPA-CPD speaker, and invited offshore speaker at Univ of Florida. He is member APTI, Indian Pharma Association (IPA), and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and Life member Inflammation Society, and consultant and advisor to Pharma industry on regulatory compliance and herbal product standardisation. He has been providing industrial consultancy to various Pharma Companies on product development, standardization and regulatory filings. He is on Advisory Board Panel to Natural Solutions, Mumbai, Amulya Herbs, Panchkula, Pharexcel Consulting, Bangalore.

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Teaching : Phytochemistry, Drug Development, Phytopharmaceutical formulations, preclinical and clinical evaluation, industrial processing, pharma regulations, industrial management.

Field of Specialization – Drug Development, industrial technology, regulations, and phytopharmaceuticals.

  • Dermal Patch of Curcumin, for Therapeutic use
  • Crossed Linked Carboxymethylated Xanthan as Super Disintegran.
  • Resveratrol derivatives as novel therapeutic agents
  • Novel compounds with anti-inflammatory activity (Ferulic acid derivatives): Dr Sandeep Arora
  • 5. Improved formulation of Glimepride with enhanced solubility
  • Improved Oral Formulations of RosuvastatinNanocrystals with enhanced bioavailability and method thereof
  • Novel Boswellic Acid derivatives with therapeutic activity
  • Novel herbal sunscreen lotion.
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