The present disclosure provides a waste recycling apparatus 100 that includes an inlet conduit102 perforated on at least one of the sides, and accommodates plant waste materials 120. Afirst pipe 104 carries purges a fluid 118 at the plant waste materials 120 to facilitate settlingdown of the plant waste materials 120, and hence, restricting spreading and mixing of theplant waste materials 120 in nearby surroundings and air. The plant waste materials 120move from the inlet conduit 102 to the perforated sheet 106, where at least a portion of thefluid 118 flows back to a fluid source 110. A second pipe 112 purges the fluid 118 tofacilitate motion of the plant waste materials 120 from the perforated sheet 106 to a grinder108. The grinder 108 grinds the plant waste materials 120, which is further utilized inmanufacturing disposable items.


Sheifali Gupta, Deepali Gupta, Vishal Verma, Harsha Chauhan, Udit Jindal, Rupesh Gupta, Kamali Singla, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 202011003606        Patent File Date - 27/01/2020