The present disclosure pertains to a thermoelectric storage device (100) including5 a (102) adapted to receive and accommodate one or more objects, a temperaturesensor (104) configured to sense temperature inside the housing andcorrespondingly generate a first set of signals, a thermoelectric module (106)operatively coupled to the temperature sensor (104), a controller (108) operativelycoupled to the temperature sensor (104) and the thermoelectric module (106),10 where the controller (108) is configured to transmit a first set of actuation and asecond set of actuation signals to the thermoelectric module (106) when comparedtemperature is beyond the pre-stored temperature limit and within the pre-storedtemperature limit. The one or more objects includes any or a combination ofcosmetic, restorative, and the likes. The device (100) facilitates maintaining an15 optimum temperature inside the housing (102) and helps in protecting the one ormore objects from damage caused due to change in temperature.


Shabnam Chaudhary, K.R. Ramkumar

Patent File Number - 202011045493        Patent File Date - 19/10/2020