The present disclosure pertains to a system for radio and internet broadcasting, the system includes a transmitter configured to transmita first set of data packets, a receiver configured to receive a set of datapackets , a processing unit, at least one input unit, and a broadcastingunit. The processing unit is configured to extract a second set of datapackets from the first set of data packets, modify a third set of data10 packets out of the second set of data packets, and accumulate themodified third set of data packets, where the accumulated third set of datapackets is transmitted to the receiver. The first set of data packets is transmitted to one or more radio stations and further transmitted toone or more antennas.


Ashutosh Mishra, Pankaj Garg, Ranjit Singh Chopra, Rupinder Kaur

Patent File Number - 202011040050        Patent File Date - 16/09/2020