System, Flying Device And Method for Dispersing Seed Balls In A Region of Interest

The present disclosure provides a system, flying device and method for dispersing seeds in a ROI. The system includes: flying device; an input unit comprises an imaging device for imaging field-of-view of ROI and sensing devices, and configured to generate first set of data packets; a seed ball dispersal unit having seed balls; and a control unit configured to receive
first set of data packets and process second set of data packets from first set to determine location data associated with the flying device; determine first area in ROI and parameters associated with first area based on processing of third set of data packets from first set of data packets and based on implementation of one or more trained models; predict distance
between any two seed balls to be dispersed, wherein the control unit controls flying device and seed ball dispersal unit to disperse seed balls in first area.


Amanpreet Kaur, Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran

Patent File Number - 201911036837        Patent File Date - 13/09/2019