The present disclosure relates to a system for controlling exoskeleton. The system5 includes an eyewear operably coupled with the exoskeleton. The eyewear includesan imaging device, a sensing device operatively coupled with the imaging device.The imaging device and the sensing device are configured to monitor one or moreeye parameter of a user wearing the eyewear, and correspondingly generate a setof first signals. One or more processing unit is operatively coupled with the10 eyewear. The one or more processing unit includes a processor associated with amemory, and the one or more processing unit configured to receive the set of firstsignals from the eyewear. Extract the one or more eye parameters from thereceived set of first signals. The one or more processing unit is configured tomatch the extracted one or more eye parameters with pre-defined parameters15 stored in a dataset, and accordingly generate a set of control signals representingthe movement of one or more limbs of the exoskeleton.


Sheifali Gupta, Harshit Sharma, Vishwas Saini, Aniket Nayak, Mohit Sharma, Jaskaran Singh, Rohan Sahni, Rupesh Gupta, Deepali Gupta, Manpreet Singh, Ramgopal, Varsha Singh, Amit Wadhera, Meenu Garg, Jaswinder Singh

Patent File Number - 202011041199        Patent File Date - 22/09/2020