The present disclosure relates to a system for maintaining social distancing, the5 system includes a device (102) adapted to be held by a user, the device comprisesa sensor (106), a transceiver (112), a microchip (108) and a processor (114). Theprocessor configured to receive, from the sensor, the position coordinates of the oneor more proximate users, receive, from the microchip (108), the identity attributesof the one or more proximate users. The processor extracts, from the position10 coordinates, a set of distance values of the one or more proximate users, whereinbased on a comparison of identity attributes of one or more proximate users and adeviation of the extracted set of distance values for the position coordinates from areference set of values, the transceiver is configured to transmit an alert to notifythe user to maintain physical distance.


Amandeep Kaur, Meenu Khurana, Geetanjali, Vinay Gautam, Dhawan Singh, Deepak Thakur, Tanya Gera, Isha Gupta, Neeru, Vikas Lamba

Patent File Number - 202111028801        Patent File Date - 26/06/2021