The present disclosure relates to an apparatus (100) for dispensing fluids, the5 apparatus comprising a reservoir (106) comprising one or more separators (108)defining one or more compartments (110-1, 110-2) adapted for storage of fluids. Adispensing unit (104), upon activation of one or more actuators (112-1 to 112-3),configured to allow the flow of fluids and a drying unit (114) upon activation ofcorresponding one or more actuators, configured to supply hot air, wherein, upon10 activation of corresponding actuators, the dispensing unit configured to permit theflow of any or a combination of fluids from the corresponding one or morecompartments to clean body parts of a user, the fluids pertaining to any or acombination of liquid and cleansing agents, and wherein, upon activation ofcorresponding actuators, the drying unit configured to supply hot air to dry the body15 parts of the user.


Shalli Rani, Ankita, Himanshi Babbar

Patent File Number - 202111027360        Patent File Date - 18/06/2021