The present disclosure pertains to a servo calibration device 100. The device 100 includes a firstplate 102 with predetermined angular graduations and adapted to accommodate one or moreradio control (RC) servos, and being configured with a pulse width modulation (PWM) unit,where the PWM unit is configured to generate a first set of PWM signals, a set of second plates104configured to provide support and positioning of the one or more RC servos with the firstplate 102 , and a pointer 106 movably coupled with one or more RC servos, and where thepointer 106facilitates calibration between center of at least one of the RC servo from one or moreRC servos with predetermined angular graduations.


Varun Batra, Gurpreet Singh, Vijay Kumar, Ravinder Singh, Deepak Nair

Patent File Number - 202011028058        Patent File Date - 01/07/2020