Passenger Drop-off Location Reporting Unit

Passenger Drop-Off Location Reporting Unit discloses a passenger drop-off location which consists of reporting unit, in particular a controller with display is mounted near bus driver displaying the plurality of bus drop-off locations over the specific route. Each respective LED light over display corresponds to a specific drop-off location. The controller is in communication with scanner mounted at the entry gate of the bus. The scanner scans the purchased RFID based tokens preprogrammed for respective drop-off location. When in use, the passenger can conveniently scan his/her RFID based token due to which a command is generated by controller to prompts bus driver an LED glow indicating the respective drop-off location. Said scanner is also used for refilling amount in RFID chips.


Tushar Dhawan

Patent File Number - 201711038729        Patent File Date - 31/10/2017