Disclosed invention consists of a frame with individual blocks of 6 dots arranged in 3 rows and 2 columns, magnetic stylus, Electromagnetic slider of same polarity as of magnetic balls. slider fixed in slider slot at the base of the slate, silicon rubber, top plate with electromagnetic holes carrying opposite charge on the braille slate and arranged in columns and rows , array of extendable plunger , multiple magnetic balls arranged in holes, stylus with magnetic End , gripper and pressure sensing based 5TPI (Five Teeth per Inch) mechanism fitted between the silicon rubber and lower edge of the magnetic braille slate. The electromagnetic slider changes the polarity of magnetic field at the base of the slate so that all the magnetic balls fall down simultaneously in order to provide a clean and erased look to slate for reuse.


Amitoj Singh, Virender Kadyan, Vinay Kukreja, Amandeep Singh Oberoi

Patent File Number - 201611033447        Patent File Date - 30/09/2016