An oral care assembly (100) includes a housing (102), the housing (102) includes5 a first compartment (104) for storing a toothpaste and a second compartment(106) for storing a cleaning liquid. A holder (112) removably fitted to the housing(102) for accommodating one or more oral care objects such as toothbrush tonguecleaner, and dental floss. The toothpaste dispenses from the first opening (114-A)upon pressing the first compartment (104), and the cleaning liquid dispenses from10 the second opening (114-B) upon actuating an actuator (108). A human machineinterface (HMI) (202) configured with the housing (102) for alerting an entity tochange the toothpaste, the cleaning solutions and any of the oral care objects whenexpiry date is near. Also, the HMI (202) facilitates in reminding the entity to refillthe toothpaste and the cleaning liquid in their respective compartments when the15 quantity is not sufficient


Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Sarvesh Tanwar, Neha Sharma, Sonam Mittal

Patent File Number - 202111007608        Patent File Date - 23/02/2021