Mobile Phone With A Mechanism To Lock Power Button for Preventing The Unauthorized Use

Present invention discloses a mobile phone consisting of all hardware and software components as available and additionally comprising means and mechanism to lock power button for preventing the unauthorized use, to block the un authorized user from accessing the data of the mobile, to detect forced removal of battery and to send alert or message or location data to an alternate number in case of forced removal of battery. It consists of a fingerprint sensor fixed close/along with the to the ON/OFF power button a micro controller unit and a specially developed software operably connected with fingerprint sensor, flexible thin layer pressure sensors surrounding the entire side area of the mobile phone. Microcontroller unit consists of Micro Controller, Finger Print Extraction Unit, Database Unit, Theft Mode Unit, Location Enabling Services, Emergency Mode functions and Normalcy Selection Unit.


Ramkumar Ketti Ramachandran, Harsh Sohal, Raman Singh Chauhan

Patent File Number - 201611022659        Patent File Date - 01/07/2016