Herbal Sunscreen Lotion

The present invention discloses a novel herbal sunscreen consisting of Shea butter (12.5 % w/v), almond oil (3 % v/v), raspberry oil (2 % v/v), Jojoba oil (2 % v/v) and zinc oxide (2.5 % v/v) as active ingredients, which acts as a sunscreen activity for UV radiations with SPF-15 i.e. only 1/15th of the radiation will reach the skin thereby decreasing UV radiation related problems. The herbal formulation of present invention shows good moisturizing effect with light pink color and aroma of berry. As ozone layer is depleting and UV rays are entering into earth’s atmosphere frequently thereby causing melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, skin cancer etc. There is need to develop an effective and herbal sunscreen which not only provides UV radiation blocking but also does not cause any side-effect.


Sandeep Arora, Neelam Sharma, Sukhbir Singh, Akansha Mahajan, Jaspreet Kaur

Patent File Number - 201611003234        Patent File Date - 29/01/2016