The present disclosure relates to an antenna device (100) for wirelesscommunication, the device including a rectangular slotted patch (102) configuredon a substrate, at least two E-shaped stubs (104) embedded on any or a combinationof left side and right side of the rectangular slotted patch, an inverted T-shaped stub(106) having at least two horizontal strips folded on both sides is embedded in an10 upper edge of the rectangular slotted patch. A feed line (108) is employed atbackside of the substrate, one or more patches of different size is added to form acombination of staircase shaped feed line, the feed line operable to excite theantenna device, wherein upon excitation, the at least two E-shaped stubs and theinverted T-shaped stub generate a plurality of frequency bands with enhanced15 impedance bandwidth for communication.


Geetanjali, Bharat Sah

Patent File Number - 202111024977        Patent File Date - 04/06/2021