The present disclosure relates to footwear, and more specifically, to an electric shockfootwear or smart footwear that generates an electric shock and passes to an assailant or anaggressor when brought in touch with the body of the assailant or aggressor. The proposedsmart footwear or an electric shock producing shoe or electric shock footwear or electricshock producing footwear 100 having a shoe outsole 102. The electric shock producing shoe100 includes a power source 104, a touch switch 106, and an electric shock head 108. Thepower source 104 operably connected the touch switch 106. The electric shock head 108placed in a heel 110 of the shoe outsole 102 of the shoe.


Mir Mohammad Salik, Aijaj Ahmad, Nitin Saluja, Sachin Ahuja

Patent File Number - 201911033208        Patent File Date - 16/08/2019