The present disclosure pertains to an ear recognition and authentication device5 including one or more earbuds (102) adapted to be worn by an entity, a scanner(106), and a processor (108) operatively coupled to the scanner (106). The scanner(106) is configured to scan one or more images of ear surface associated with anentity, and correspondingly generate a first set of signals. The processor (108) isconfigured to identify a set of ear points from the first set of signals, authenticate10 the identified set of ear points with pre-stored ear points associated with the entity,and generate a set of verification signals, where the set of verification signalsfacilitate adjusting the one or more earbuds (102) inside one or more earholes ofthe entity in response to the authenticated set of ear points and enables providinggrip to the one or more earbuds (102) on the ear surface.

Inventors Tarandeep Kaur Bhatia, Arshdeep Singh,

Patent File Number - 202111001231        Patent File Date - 11-01-2021