The present disclosure pertains to a digital security system. The system includes a displayunit configured with one or more functions, an input unit with one or more keysoperatively coupled with the display unit and configured to allow an entity to tap one ormore keys in response with the one or more functions and correspondingly transmit a first set ofdata packets, and a processing unit operatively coupled with the display unit and the inputunit and configured, reshuffle each of the one or more keys upon tapping of each of the one ormore keys based on the extracted sequence of the one or more keys, where sequence of the oneor more keys is matched with preregistered codes, and wherein the matching of the sequence ofthe one or more keys with the preregistered codes facilitates authentication of the preregisteredcodes associated with the entity.


Jasdev Gupta, Bharat Gupta, Sidharath Jain

Patent File Number - 202011035131        Patent File Date - 14/08/2020