Digital Device for Measuring Thyroid Levels In Blood And Establishing Co-Relation With Thryroid Gland Malfunction

The present invention discloses a digital device to predict thyroid levels that can depict the state/level of the thyroid which facilitates proper and on time medication/treatment of the disease. The device of present invention is handheld and can be used by individuals or clinicians themselves very easily. Unlike other thyroid measuring tests done clinically, a simple reaction in is performed by pricking tip of the finger for less than 10 Microliter of blood. The device first provides the quantitative estimation of the thyroid levels in blood. Next the pathophysiological symptoms of the patient are punched into the device. Finally, a programmed microprocessor calculates whether the thyroid gland is dysfunctional while taking into account all the symptoms and test results. Therefore a personalized treatment to the patient for either hyper- or hypothyroidism can be provided using this easy to use, cost-effective and instant real time functioning device.


Gurpreet Kaur Sagoo, Varsha Singh, Nitin Saluja

Patent File Number - 201611024911        Patent File Date - 20/07/2016