The present disclosure pertains to an assembly for veterinary surgery, the5 assembly 100 includes a platform 102 adapted to accommodate a veterinaryentity, the platform 102 configured with one or more heating pads, an actuatingunit 104 operatively coupled with the platform, and configured to move theplatform between a first position and a second position, where the second positioncorresponds to a position when the platform 102 is at a predefined angle and a10 predefined height from the first position of the platform 102, and a tray 202movably coupled with the platform 102, and configured to move between an openposition and a close position, where the open position corresponds to a positionwhen the tray 202 accommodates one or more tools, and the close positioncorresponds to a position where the one or more tools are secured.


Gurjeet Thakur, Onkar Bedi, Manveer Singh, Chanpreet Singh

Patent File Number - 202011037296        Patent File Date - 29/08/2020