An apparatus to control temperature inside a casing is disclosed. The casing includes one or morecompartments configured to retain one or more objects inside the casing, a processing unitconfigured to process a set of signals received from the one or more sensors, and a control unitconfigured to facilitate changing of temperature inside the housing in accordance with the receivedset of signals. The control unit includes a heat sink, a fan coupled to the heat sink and a Peltierplate disposed on the heat sink to change the temperature inside casing. The one or more firstsensors sense the ambient temperature, generate a set of signals and transmit to the processing unit.The processing unit actuates an actuator that enables the control unit to provide any or acombination of the cool or warm air inside the casing of apparatus.


Sushil Kalra, Sachin Bhogal, Surya Narayan Panda, Ravi Kapila, Naveen Kumar, Simranjeet Singh

Patent File Number - 202011017892        Patent File Date - 27/04/2020