The present disclosure provides an apparatus 100 for aiding remote teaching,5 which includes: a frame 102 with a quadrilateral geometry adapted to be placedhorizontally against a surface; a writing surface 104 adapted to be removablycoupled to the frame in a vertical direction, the writing surface being at leastpartially transparent such that content on a front face of the writing surface andobjects in front of the front face of the writing surface are at least partially visible10 on a back face of the writing surface; a reflecting surface 106 adapted to beremovably coupled to the frame in a vertical direction such that the reflectingsurface is configured to at least partially reflect an image of the back face of thewriting surface, wherein the reflecting surface is provided at an angle to the faceof the writing surface; and an image capture device 108 positioned such that it is15 configured to capture image received from the reflecting surface, wherein contenton a front face of the writing surface and objects in front of the front face of thewriting surface are transmitted through the writing surface and subsequentlyreflected from the reflecting surface, and wherein the image capture device isconfigured to capture the reflected images to facilitate capture of content on front20 face of the writing surface.


Jaya Madan, Rahul Pandey, Chanpreet Singh

Patent File Number - 202011044570        Patent File Date - 13/10/2020